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Jun 112021



Tags: community of property  ante-nuptial contract  pre-nuptial agreement 

Community of Property vs. Prenuptial
Learn the difference between community of property and a prenuptial contract.

One of the biggest worries couples face when getting divorced is how the martial assets should be distributed between them. Often, one of the most difficult decisions is what happens to the family home and who gets to live in it. As is often the case, when there is no prenuptial agreement and a joint d...

Mar 052021



Tags: rent to buy  lease to buy  lease option  rent to own 

Lease With An Option To Buy
Leasing A Home With The Option To Buy Later

If you're planning on becoming a first time home owner, there are some checkpoints you'll first need to pass, before you officially become the new, legal home owner. One such hurdle would be having a good credit score, which would put you in good standing to obtain a home loan or mortgage to finance the purchase of you...

Jun 122020



Tags: micro living  minimalist living  micro apartment  small living  down-sizing 

Why is Micro Living So Appealing?
Micro Living in tiny spaces has become the latest trend in big cities.

A new trend that began some years ago called minimalist living is once again appealing to many city dwellers, where 'less is more' is fast becoming the new normal. Less furniture and less clutter in your home is a very tempting idea to a lot of people because it really opens up spaces within your home....