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Jul 122019



Tags: sectional title  body corporate  trustees property maintenance 

How To Avoid A Dysfunctional Body Corporate
Sectional Title Row Houses, forming part of the body corporate.

When the body corporate of a sectional title unit becomes dysfunctional, the entire property in general becomes neglected. This is usually caused by a lack of interest of the body corporate members, or simply because nobody wishes to assume the responsibilities of being a trustee. The result is that the buildings an...

Apr 262019



Tags: internet of things  home automation  smart homes  4g towers  5g networks  

How Will 5G Affect Residential Real Estate?
Shocking discovery of cellular tower camouflaged as a palm tree

5G is the next big step in the internet and mobile industry and is currently being tested by mobile and telecommunication companies across the world. Soon enough, your 4G LTE network will be upgraded to 5G. While all this may seem exciting, there are currently some major disadvantages, which could have...

Jan 262018



Tags: repairs  maintenance  tenant  landlord  lease agreement 

Is the Tenant Responsible for Repairs?
Who is responsible for repairs to a rented home - tenant or landlord?

If you have been renting your home as a tenant for some time, you most probably have already had to deal with issues, such as repairs and maintenance to your home. The regular, ongoing maintenance of a property is natural and is to be expected, but very often confusion results betwe...